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Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Fortune I-Ching Dragon Coin - 1.5 Inch.

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This Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Fortune I-Ching Dragon Coin is a must-have for anyone looking to draw upon the ancient power of Feng Shui. Crafted in the traditional style, it measures 1.5 inches and is said to bring wealth, luck, and prosperity to its bearer. With its intricate symbolism and powerful energy, bring the influence of ancient Chinese tradition to your home.

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About this product

Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Fortune

These hues are associated with feng shui
for success and attracting money. These colors can be used throughout your home
on your walls, couch, etc.

Material and use

  • It is 1.5 inches long, made in a conventional manner, and is considered to bestow money, luck, and prosperity upon the wearer.
  • Your home will be influenced by the deep symbolism and potent energy of this object.