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Goddess Maa Durga Face Mask | Aluminium Lord Durga Mata Face Idol Showpiece

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  • Contain - Maa Durga Face 
  • Material - Metal
  • Dimension - 5 Inch X 6.5 Inch
  • Use - A traditional handmade decorated Metal Maa Durga Face mask best for creating an ambiance during Pooja, Navratra, and Daily prayers
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About this product

Maa Durga Face

Durga is typically depicted as a beautiful woman riding a lion or tiger, holding many weapons in her many arms, and frequently defeating demons in her role as a motherly deity. She is highly regarded by followers of shaivism, vaishnavism, and the goddess-centered culture known as shaktism.

About this product

  • Material is metal, 5 Inch X 6.5 Inch
  • A traditional metal maa durga face mask that has been handcrafted and adorned is ideal for settingthe mood for worship, navratri, and daily prayers.