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Designer Fancy Rose Laddu Gopal Ji Dress with Pagadi

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  • Contain: Laddu Gopal Designer Three Piece Dress With Pagdi/turban for Gopal Ji
  • Dimension : Length: 15 cm Width: 15 cm Weight: 100 Gram (Approx)
  • Material: Cotton / Jari / Stone
  • Color: Pink
  • UsedPerfect for regular wear or any occasions like Janmashtami, Diwali, Navratri, Holi, new year, etc, Designer Poshak for Laddu Gopal
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About this product


Designer Dress For Gopal Ji

This dress has intricate embroidery and lace work, and it is really lovely. This outfit is made of really lovely cotton fabric. Each color was hand-selected and created to enhance your Gopal Ji.

About this product

  • Material is cotton, Length: 15 cm Width: 15 cm Weight: 100 Gram (Approx)
  • A unique cotton laddu gopal dress that is perfect for him in the heat.