The Ritual of Upanayana

The age for the upanayana ceremony

At the age of seven, the upanayanam ceremony can be performed. Typically, there are three categories for our actions: exceptional, good, and very good. The holy thread ceremony is aimed for boys aged 7, 9, and 11 and is excellent, very good, or good for enhancing the boy's spiritual nature in a remarkable way.

This ceremony is performed when the child is seven years old and is referred to as uthamam, madyamam when the child is nine, adhama when the child is eleven, and adhamam when the child is over the age of eighteen. According to ancient Shastras, if a boy turns eleven, the restriction that this ceremony can only be performed when they are under ten years old is no longer valid.

Upanayana Procedure



To obtain blessings from the ancestors of the family, naandi can be conducted. On that day, a highly exceptional feast may be prepared. The word "naandi" in sanskrit means "beginning," therefore this is when the actual ceremonies for the functions start. Typically, the brahmins are fed and given several upacharams during the naandi before upanayanam.

Matru Bhojana

Along with the other four kids, the mother will feed the boy, or vatu, or youngster. Along with his mother and the other four kids who have already participated in the sacred thread rite, the vatu sits. The child will be blessed by purohit through mantra chanting.

Yagnopaveetha Dhaaranam

The father places the janue thread over the boy's left shoulder under the instruction of a guru. The child's innocence is then preserved, and the evil eye is deflected, by having munja grass knotted around the child's waist.


The toddler requests rice from his mother and other women present at the ritual by reciting bhavathi bikshamdehi. It is possible to regulate the ego, which enables the young infant to control his senses and thereafter undoubtedly acquire Vedic knowledge.


After the holy thread ceremony is over, the kid performs namaskars to ask the elders for their blessing. The young child then addresses the group by name and gothram.

Sandhya Vandanam

Rituals and meditation are combined in sandhya vandanam. The foundation for designing sandhya vandanam observances is the yoga philosophy.

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