The Joy of Sewing: DIY Laddu Gopal Dress-Making


Pick a comfy fabric that is simple to work with for novices, like a cotton blend.


To help make straight lines and get rid of fabric creases, you'll need an iron. It will be used to press your dress's unfinished seams before you put them together.

Sewing Machine

For this project, using a sewing machine will enable you to sew more quickly and create a finished product that looks more professional for your laddu gopal.

Sew the side seams and armholes

The edges of your two main fabric pieces should line up as you lay them on top of one another. This will probably be the front and back panels of the garment, depending on your design. Up until the armholes, sew the side seams of the front and back panels together.

Sew the hem and neckline

The scoop neck and V-neck styles have the most widespread necklines. For a simple neckline, fold the top quarter inch of the cloth over to conceal the raw edge, press with an iron, and finish. Sew the seam at the neckline. Using the same technique, hem the bottom of the dress by folding a quarter-inch of fabric over, ironing it, and then straight-stitching it together to cover the raw edge.

Put the specially constructed clothing you've made on your Laddu Gopal idol with care.


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