Adiyogi Statue


The guinness book of world records lists it as the "largest bust sculpture" ever created. The statue, which was created by jaggi vasudev, the founder and executive director of the isha foundation, weighs over 500 tons (490 long tons and 550 short tons). shiva (shankara) is referred to as the original yogi by adiyogi.

Adiyogi, the first Yogi, taught his seven followers, the saptarishis, the science of yoga around 15,000 years ago, long before the advent of religion. He outlined 112 methods that people can overcome their limits and realize their full potential. Adiyogi's offerings are tools for personal growth since only through individual transformation can the world be changed. In terms of human liberty and welfare, his central claim is that "in is the only way out."

The honorable prime minister narendra modi unveiled the iconic face of "adiyogi - the source of yoga" at the isha yoga center on the auspicious night of mahashivaratri. the face of adiyogi is 112 feet high, signifying the 112 ways he provided for one to achieve wellbeing and one's ultimate nature. It is recognized as the tallest bust sculpture in the world by the guinness world records. The yogeshwar linga, which sadhguru dedicated as a manifestation of five of the main chakras in the human system, is installed close to the adiyogi. With the yogeshwar linga there, adiyogi has taken on a life of its own.

Due to the magnificent hills that surround it, this monument quickly became a well-liked tourist destination. The complex is about 18 miles from Coimbatore; to get there, take a bus or a taxi to the main gate, and then walk or take a rickshaw to the base of the monument. In 2015, a 6.4-meter-tall replica of the same statue of adiyogi from the isha foundation was unveiled in tennessee, usa.

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